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    “Let all who can, live for the Higher Light; the lower will ever be supplied sufficiently. Even as ye find two peoples on earth, so also do two peoples exist in heaven. The one followeth the Highest Light, and ever riseth toward the highest heavens. The other followeth the affairs of earth, and riseth not, and hence is called druj. The latter engageth in sensualism, and quarrels amongst mortals, inspiring them to evil and low desires.
    One present asked: How shall we know one another, whether we be of heaven or of earth? Then Zarathustra answered, saying: Seek to know thyself; thou art not thy neighbor’s keeper. Search thine own soul a hundred times every day, to know if thou practicest the All Highest according to thine own light. Neither shalt thou find excuses for thy shortness; nor reflect overmuch on past errors, but use them as inspiration to perfect thyself henceforth.”-OAHSPE