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    “Remember that All Light answereth everything in heaven and earth after its own manner:

    If ye kill, ye are answered in torments sooner or later:

    If ye utter falsehood, ye are answered in falsehood:

    If ye curse, ye will be cursed in return:

    If ye hate, ye will be hated:

    If ye seclude yourselves, ye will be excluded:

    If ye keep evil company in this world, ye will be bound in evil company in heaven:

    As ye seek to become a leader of men, remember that they whom ye rule over will be your burden in heaven:

    If ye teach not, ye shall not be taught:

    If ye lift not others up, none will lift you up:

    For in all things the same rule applieth in heaven as on earth, for it is a continuation in spirit of that which is practiced in the flesh.”-OAHSPE