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    Mir Mahvar, one of the Celestial Twins, one of the Sons of Mitraya Tarendra, has told us that the Oahspe, even with any flaws, is the most accurate scripture on the planet. It will be the basis on which the tribes of the Religion of Light will come together.

    It is for this reason for Children of Light and all seekers after the Divine Light of Truth to not judge the Oahspe by the world’s scriptures, but on the contrary, to view those scriptures in light of the revelations of the Oahspe.

    We do not base our trust in the Oahspe on secular views or theories. We base our trust in the Oahspe in the Celestial Servants of the Religion of Light.

    The world can say what it wants about this Scripture or any other scripture or text, for that matter. If the Divine Messengers or Celestial Servants speak on such things, that is as good as gold to a Child of Light.

    We need nothing else.