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    I hope you are all doing very well!

    As some of you may know, I released a Faithist Glossary recently. I want to say that this work is a “work in progress”. While it may currently be more comprehensive than some available glossaries, it is far from complete.
    That is why I have been going through the Oahspe for esoteric word, names, and terms, to see if I can include them in this glossary as well.

    It is quite a challenge because not every word that is used comes with a description or explanation and the definition sometimes is very broad.

    There are also some esoteric words that only get used once in the entire body of the text.

    So it is slow going, but it is my hope that it will help interested people to get a better understanding of the source material, ideally.

    When it is complete I will make it available to anyone who is interested to have a copy.

    Holy Peace