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    If you are always one step away from disbelief, then you are far from the Kingdom of Heaven.

    • Amin!

    • Very true.

    • Excuse me,what is the meaning of this sentence Rabban?

      • His Excellency may clarify for you Sister, but this may help as well: 25 I will tell you a parable. There was a sick man
        who heard people talk about this precious mountain.
        Day and night he longed to reach it and the thought
        consumed him. But the mountain was very high and
        the distance to the top was great and he was very
        80 26 He longed to realise his dream, but he believed
        he was unable. The man had a relative who was wise
        and resourceful. And this man had scaling ladders
        brought and steps cut. And with some friends he
        levered and pushed the sick man up until he reached
        the summit. And there, he was healed.
        82 27 People coming to this mountain were confused
        and unhappy because of their attachment to things
        of this world. They had heard the truth. They knew it
        could lead them to the Way. So they tried to scale
        this mountain, but in vain, for they were without love
        and faith.
        84 28 Then the Son of Alaha came like the relative and
        taught them with skill and sincerity so they knew
        that he is the scaling ladder and the steps cut in
        stone where they can find the true Way, freed of
        their guilt forever.”

        ———-If we are like those who know the mountain exists, but are without love and faith then we are one step away from disbelief and far from the Kingdom of Heaven. ———– If we have love and faith we can be taught by the Son of Alaha and His teaching leaves disbelief far behind.

    • I think Brother Taylor’s message sums it up perfectly, Lanny.

      For those who are always on the border between belief and disbelief, they spend all their time on a question they should have resolved ages ago. They have made little or no progress toward the Kingdom of Heaven.