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    Drod (Peace),

    With the Oahspe, there is much we are learning that will be new to us. One thing we must remember at all times, however, are these points:

    1. Oahspe means “All knowledge revealed up to this point” When the Holy Book was first published all that was in its covers was what was revealed. It has been 135 years (approx.) since this work was first published and more has been revealed via Third Pillar since then. Oahspe incorporate all Third Pillar Teachings of the Religion of Light.

    2. We only know of the legitimacy of Oahspe and Faithism by virtue of Third Pillar Revelation. For this reason the Revelations of the Religion of Light must always be the first and last word in our minds and our hearts.

    3. Even the Oahspe itself does not assert it is perfect or complete. While there is much within it, there is also much that is not. For example:

    *There is little reference to happenings before the physical creation, which we know from the Tablet of Creation.

    *We did not know of the many Manifestations of the Living Spirit (Mihr Yazd) in the physical creation such as: Akhenaten, Tutankhaten, among many others (not listed in the Oahspe).
    *We did not learn of the legitimacy of Mar Mani and His teachings.

    These are some examples of information we have via Third PIllar of the Religion of Light, that were not originally made available in the Oahspe.

    But that being said, it does not change the fact that there is so much to learn in the Oahspe. That it will be the unifying element that ties together the many branches of the Great Tribe one day. It is why we much open ourselves to is Gnosis but, we should never ignore or deny the Gnosis we have received and are blessed to continue to recieve each day from the Celestial Servants of the Religion of Light.

    Always praise the Heavenly Father, the Divine Mother of Life and the Living Spirit.

    Always be thankful and obedient to the Divine Manifestation of Mihr Yazd