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    The following is a message that was sent out to all members of the Ashavn community, yesterday. It is re-printed here to help those who are seeking to know what is happening about Asha:


    I hope you are doing very well.

    I wanted to alert you to some things taking place that.

    With all that is unfolding for the Religion of Light, I feel it is more important to prepare Children of Light for the United Covenant of Light spoken of by Mir Roshka than it is to try to introduce people to some of our other covenants and faiths.

    We know that the unifying element for the Children of Light will be Oahspe and Faithism.

    While it makes sense for those who have long been part of a religious tradition to take up dual membership to prepare them for what is unfolding, for those just learning about the Religion of Light, to approach one of our newer covenants and faiths, only to then transition into the unified covenant, into Faithism and to embrace Oahspe. It simply becomes an unnecessary step which could become an unnecessary obstacle for them.

    No…it is better for these newer groups to redirect their efforts to present Faithism and to prepare souls for the Unified Covenant of Light, in my estimation.

    For this reason, we will be discontinuing all presentations of Asha, of Zrada Deva and also, of Manaviyyah.

    For those who are Ashavan, who wish to remain with Asha, you are free to do so. You should have the materials you need.

    One of the central points of Asha has been to embrace Third Pillar.

    The information from Mir Roshka, Mir Mahvar, Mir Salazar and His Holiness Rabbah Rish’kani, are all pointing to the next phase of our spiritual development, toward the coming of Mir Roshka and the Unified Covenant of Light, and the unification of the Great Tribe.

    It is for this reason, Asha, Zrada Deva and Manaviyyah will be discontinued to focus on what we, as the Children of Light are being guided to: Faithism and Oahspe. Our efforts will go more and more into how to present the teachings of Oahspe to people from all walks of life, all religious backgrounds to help them better understand its message and how to implement this in their lives as guided by the Elders of the Religion of Light.

    If any of you have any questions, I am always here for you.

    Do not be dismayed by the passing of Asha or any other ministry, but see them as an intermediary stage that has served a purpose, as we ready ourselves to take enter a new phase of our spiritual development as the Children of Light.

    Holy Peace,

    Mar Kharba Awraham “

    • For all Ashavan wishing to know what is their next step, His Holiness has stated “They should simply become Faithists.”

      So, Ashavan should living Essene Faithism.

      • This is not a situation that involves dual membership because the original community ceased to exist.

    • Here is a link to the Essene Faithist site for observances: