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    If someone tries to make you decide between the information provided by Third Pillar in the Religion of Light, or what is revealed in Oahspe, remind them what Oahspe means.

    The definition of Oahspe within the text itself is:

    “Sky, earth (corpor) and spirit. The all; the sum of corporeal and spiritual knowledge as at present.”

    So, the sum of all corporeal and spiritual knowledge at present (2017) is different than it was in 1882. There have been scientific discoveries and divine revelations, there has been the offering of Gnosis since the publication of the Oahspe (Scripture) in 1882.

    From our perspective, Oahspe, is the sum of all corporeal and spiritual knowledge at present. For this reason, the Divine Knowledge revealed in the Religion of Light can never be at odds with Oahspe since that Divine Knowledge is part of Oahspe in the fullest sense.

    • My words regarding scientific discoveries would be related to the physical, sciences or technological developments since 1882.

      Here is a list of just some of those discoveries:

      The laws of chemical dynamics
      liquid crystals
      The Electron
      Stellar classification
      Photoelectric effect
      The Third Law of Thermodynamics
      Chemotherapeutic agents
      White Dwarfs
      The atomic nucleus
      Continental Drift
      X Ray diffraction
      The Model of the Atom
      Black Holes
      That the Milky Way is just one of many galaxies
      Quantum Mechanics
      Hubbles law of the expanding universe
      The 4th Law of thermodynamics
      The neutron
      Nuclear fission
      That DNA is the genetic material of the chromosome
      the Polio Vaccine
      The Helical structure of DNA
      The Big Bang Theory
      the first pulsar
      the first gamma ray burst
      High temperature superconductivity
      Dark Energy
      The Human Genome project
      Synthetic genomes for a bacterial cell
      Photonic molecules
      Exotic Hadrons
      Liquid discovered on Mars
      Gravitational waves from a a black hole merger