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    Drod (Peace),
    In light of the Messages from Mir Mahvar and Mir Roshkha, it is important for those who are part of the New Mithraic Covenant to embrace this Gnosis and adapt accordingly.

    One of the hallmarks of the Asha community is that it has held Third Pillar Instruction to be as vital as that given many ages ago. That the age of a Divine Instruction has bearing on the importance or relevance of that Message.
    If the Teaching is of Divine Origin, it needs to be heard and acted upon: Simply as that.

    Knowing that it is Divine Instruction that Faithism is the connecting tissue of all covenants and communities of the Religion of Light and that Oahspe is the central Holy Scripture of all Communities, from an Ashavan perspective, should not cause us any confusion at all.

    As we move forward, the 3 pillars of Asha will dovetail with those of Faithism.

    We should look upon the Tablets of Light and the Manual of Ashavan Teaching as supplemental works use for devotion. They can be used to gain further insight on matters, but they do not replace what is taught in the Oahspe and Faithism.

    Maybe there will be studies that will shed light on Ashavan teachings and maybe there will be studies that will shed light on Oahspe teachings from an Asha perspective.

    Both are fine. As long as the end result is that the Child of Light makes progress on their faithwalk to the Etherean Realms (the Kingdom of Light i.e. Bahisht).

    Holy Peace