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    “All That Is Not Zurvan…I AM.

    All that is not Zurvan, is the Divine Mother and the Celestial Son.

    Anahita is the Divine Force of Life, the Celestial Current that flows through all of Creation. She is our Beloved Mother.

    Mithra is the Creation itself, that which is both the Knower and the Known. He is both the Seer and the Seen.

    In Creation, Mithra is all that is and is not.

    There is no division between one thing or the other within Mithra.

    Multiplicity still can only exist in the Unity of the First Created Being.

    Who then is Zurvan? He is the Divine Source, the Father of Righteousness.

    Without Zurvan there is nothing at all.

    Both Anahita and Mithra emanate from the Divine Source.

    All is One because the One is Mithra.

    The individual is not. There is only Mithra.
    The only separation is the thought that reality is otherwise.

    All that is not Zurvan is Anahita or it is Mithra.

    The Life that flows is the Divine Mother.

    The Creation infused with Life is the Celestial Son.

    The Source of all is the Father of Righteousness.

    Say to yourself: “All that is not Zurvan..I AM.”

    Say to yourself: “All that is Mithra..I AM.”

    May the Ashavan keep these thoughts in their minds and in their hearts and engraved on their souls.

    These thoughts will draw you ever closer to your True Nature and will serve as a guiding light in order bring you back to your Home beyond the stars.”Tablet of the Perfecting Spirit Ch.9