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    “Mankind’s accomplishments are only obtained by the will of Zurvan.

    It is Zurvan’s will that all sentient beings in creation have free will.

    The greatest wonders and the most abysmal sorrows; all are produced by the exercise of free will.

    A person experiences joy only because Zurvan smiles upon them.

    A person experiences sorrow for any number of reasons, other than the will of Zurvan.

    A person may choose a path that leads to joy.

    A person may choose a path that leads to sorrow.

    But joy or sorrow, the path that is chosen, is never decided for you.

    It is the individual, who walks that path in life, no one does it for them.

    They are accountable for their own choices; good or ill.

    It was God’s Will to bestow free will upon us. What we do with it, determines whether we used that gift wisely or foolishly.

    Zurvan will always offer deference to His creations’ most sublime gift first and foremost: The gift of Free Will.

    An honorable person will receive the blessing of Zurvan.

    A repentant person will receive the forgiveness of Zurvan.

    For those who do not act in accordance to the will of Zurvan, there are neither blessings nor forgiveness. That is the will of Zurvan.

    All are governed and dependant on the Will of Zurvan.

    No one is self sufficient nor lives separate from the will of Zurvan.

    Know that all life in creation is interdependent.

    One in essence, One in purpose.

    The person who believes otherwise is truly lost.

    The civilization rooted in anything other than obedience to God, can only fall and become an ill-fated memory.

    The civlization rooted only in obedience to God, will grow beyond the limits of material existence and inherit eternity.

    That is the Will of Zurvan.”-Tablet of the Perfecting Spirit Ch.8