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    Brethren, I have a few updates to share with you.

    In addition to my responsibilities with the Faithist covenant, I was recently assigned to work with three additional communities that are working toward unity within the Religion of Light. In relation to tradition, these could be termed as Hebraic, Anglican and/or Catholic communities in various parts of the world. Each of these aligning communities have their own traditions, languages, liturgies and traditional attire – each having the blessing of the Father of Greatness. Mir Mahvar, Mir Mehrshad and Mir Garendra and I will be working on efforts to unify each of these in one body over a period of time, within the Religion of Light.

    With this being said, I will be asking for three additional brethren to assist further with the Faithist community so that not one or two people are spread too thin in the work to be done. Over the next couple of months, I will contact each of you individually concerning the matter.

    Please pray for the success and continued progress in knowledge for the members of these communities so they may continue to walk the path of righteousness and strive for unity with the Living Spirit.

    Again, I wish to thank you for your prayers during my absence while I was very ill. Things are a little better, for which I am grateful.

    May the Creator bless you all.