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    verified badge Kharba Awraham - "Shlama, I hope you are doing very well! This may have been stated before, but if not, this is a point I feel all Children of Light should understand. The Faithist covenant and community are relatively new to […]"View
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    verified badge Micklè - "It has been stated Not to waste our time on atheists. What about skeptical Christians ? Some Skeptical Christians consider their doubt or skepticalism as their inner atenist. Is there Truth to their thinking […]"View
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    verified badge Mar David - "Please keep all those who recently lost their lives and their families due to recent natural disasters throughout the world in your prayers."View
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    verified badge Jan Zeiler - "1 Denial of the existence of God is the illusory propaganda of the ignorant. 2 Intellectualism and human science have nothing to do with faith when God is not part of the equation or your outlook on life. 3 If […]"View
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    Daoshi Xintuyesu (C. Gordan) - "Shlama, For those who are unaware, the Kosmon Herald is a monthly magazine that allows H.H. Rabbah to speak to the entire assembly of Faithists, and those interested in learning more about the Faithist Scriptures, […]"View
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    verified badge Rabbah Rish'kahni - "Shlama, Brethren, I have a few updates to share with you. In addition to my responsibilities with the Faithist covenant, I was recently assigned to work with three additional communities that are working toward […]"View
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    verified badge Mahvar Tarendra - "The children of Light need to be serious with their efforts in becoming united, not only in words, but in their worship as well. We have entered into a new phase of this age of humanity. This is a critical time in […]"View
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    Br Joseph - "Shalom brethren, I hope everyone is having a blessed Holy Day season with Pesach, Palm, Holy Week, etc. depending on your Spiritual Community. I was blessed with permission to spend some time over the holidays […]"View
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    Michael A. Tarendra - "Greetings, I have written up some comments and notes on Mir Salazar’s recent letter on the upcoming Universal Absolution. Based on the questions recently received concerning the letter, I hope this helps make some […]"View
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    verified badge Mir Salazar - "Greetings brethren, It is important that this letter be read by individuals and congregations, as soon as possible, and no later than July 15. Thank you. Please share it with all members on social media and print […]"View
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    Fabiano Rodrigo Ferreira - "Postado por Kharba Awraham Com instruções do achi Joseph Holt (Obrigado, meus amados sábios) (Acrescentei a “Oração do Sinal da Cruz”, pertinente ao assunto) Shalom b’Mshikha, Os Mshikhanuth foram inst […]"View
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