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    verified badge Shamon - "Shlama, If you want to ask questions about the Religion of Light, you can either use the Official Mail Desk of the Religion of Light: or you can post your questions on the […]"View
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    verified badge Kharba Awraham - "Shlama Lukh, His Holiness Rabbah Rish’kani has given all Children of Light this message: “I am calling for all communities within the Religion of LIght to pray all those affected by the recent devastating […]"View
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    Tenzin Angelo (Brother Angelo) - "Discernment & consciousness, friend: Of these qualities that are conjoined, not disjoined, discernment is to be developed, consciousness is to be fully comprehended. The Eye of Discernment: “Friend, what can […]"View
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    Daoshi Xintuyesu (C. Gordan) - "Shlama, For those who are unaware, the Kosmon Herald is a monthly magazine that allows H.H. Rabbah to speak to the entire assembly of Faithists, and those interested in learning more about the Faithist Scriptures, […]"View
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    Michael A. Tarendra - "Greetings, I have written up some comments and notes on Mir Salazar’s recent letter on the upcoming Universal Absolution. Based on the questions recently received concerning the letter, I hope this helps make some […]"View
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    Fabiano Rodrigo Ferreira - "Postado por Kharba Awraham Com instruções do achi Joseph Holt (Obrigado, meus amados sábios) (Acrescentei a “Oração do Sinal da Cruz”, pertinente ao assunto) Shalom b’Mshikha, Os Mshikhanuth foram inst […]"View
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    verified badge Jan Zeiler - "1 Denial of the existence of God is the illusory propaganda of the ignorant. 2 Intellectualism and human science have nothing to do with faith when God is not part of the equation or your outlook on life. 3 If […]"View
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