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    verified badge Mar David - "Please pray for the reported 3 killed in a Walmart Supercenter in Thornton, Colorado and their families."View
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    verified badge Kharba Awraham - "“The greater the possession the greater the bondage.”-Oahspe"View
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    verified badge Shamon - "@arshadsulahri: Welcome to Mithranet. Please introduce yourself to the social network as soon as you can since this is required by the User Agreement."View
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    verified badge Micklè - "It has been stated Not to waste our time on atheists. What about skeptical Christians ? Some Skeptical Christians consider their doubt or skepticalism as their inner atenist. Is there Truth to their thinking […]"View
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    verified badge Jonathan - "New Hours for Communications Desk For those members who correspond with various clergy via the Communications Desk, below are the new winter hours. NOTE: All posted hours are based on U.S. Central Standard […]"View
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    verified badge Fr. Gordan - "“A righteous man respects the life of his animal, but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.” — Proverbs 12:10"View
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    Tenzin Angelo (Brother Angelo) - "Discernment & consciousness, friend: Of these qualities that are conjoined, not disjoined, discernment is to be developed, consciousness is to be fully comprehended. The Eye of Discernment: “Friend, what can […]"View
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    Fabien Lady Loretha Pelupessy - "Shabbat Shalom/Shabta Shlama, Hazpin Abezag, to all brethern in Religion of Light. May MarYah bless all of us.. Amen"View
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    M.R.A.A.Lanny Asriningsih - "Sabbat shalom, shabta shlama,Hazpin Abezag for , Rabbah , Rabban and all brethern in Religon of light. May Yehovih bless you all."View
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    verified badge Taylor Kuehn - "Shabbat shalom Akhim!"View
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    Mishael - "Is anyone online."View
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    verified badge Rabbah Rish'kahni - "Shlama, Brethren, I have a few updates to share with you. In addition to my responsibilities with the Faithist covenant, I was recently assigned to work with three additional communities that are working toward […]"View
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    verified badge Mahvar Tarendra - "Shlama, The following updates are important for the brethren of all communities within the Religion of Light to understand. * Mar Chayim bar Ya’aqub continues to serve the Assembly from Terra Nova as the T […]"View
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    verified badge Trip - "God is everywhere, is available every time, and listens always."View
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    verified badge Jan Zeiler - "1 Denial of the existence of God is the illusory propaganda of the ignorant. 2 Intellectualism and human science have nothing to do with faith when God is not part of the equation or your outlook on life. 3 If […]"View
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